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Free Transfer & Check-In Services

Our professional drivers, with expertise in the tourism industry, take on the the pick-up service, the transfer, the welcome and the check-in of clients in your Airbnb apartment. 

On our way from the airport or the port towards your apartment, our excellently trained drivers provide guests with the essential information about the layout of Athens, what to visit and what to avoid. They additionally point out places they would not discover on their own, in order to create an experience packed with the characteristic greek hospitality. 

Furthermore, we explain to visitors the primary rules of your Airbnb, with instructions emphasizing on proper use of the accomodation and a discreet reminder of what time they should check out. 

We also take care of the transfer of guests from your Airbnb to the airport or the port and the safe receipt of your keys. 

The benefits of our high quality services are dual for you: the clients check out from your apartment with the best impression possible about the friendliness and helpfulness of our country, and you have more time to invest on your other activities. 

Contact us now and try our groundbreaking Transfer & Check-in services for free!

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