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Mykines & Nafplio tour

Explore the "Polichrises Mykines", the kingdom of Agamemnon. Their legacy has passed down from generation to generation through Homer's epics and some of the best Greek tragedies of the classical era. They are a never ending source of inspiration, even now. Grab the chance to visit attractions like the Grave Circle A, where powerful rulers along with luxury items are supposed to have been burried, the underground Cistern that provided the city with water, and the Gate of the Citadel carved with two imposing lions that, according to the myth, were supposed to protect the city from its enemies. As you walk towards the palace of Mycenaea pay attention to the trees above you that make you feel like they are becoming one with the sky. Do not miss the chance to visit the archaeological museum with numerous exhibits that suggest the economic and cultural wealth of one of the most prosperous periods in the history of ancient Greece. After your browse through the Mycenaean era, a stop at the port of Nafplio, to admire the Pallamidi castle and the prison cell of one of the main leaders of the Greek revolution in 1821, will be the icing on the cake. One of our friendly, experienced drivers will pick you up at any time, in any place you desire with a new, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle.

You will see:

DURATION: 3.5 - 4 hours

Price 1- 4 passengers: 160€ (Sedan)

Price 5 -9 passengers: 260€ (MiniVan)

Price 10-12 passengers: 350€ (Mini Bus)

Modify your tour

Let us know if you want to customize your tour and we will make it happen. You can add, remove or change any place of interest in order to achieve the most remarkable experience, according to your preferences. Contact us now, describe your ideal tour and recommend to us the price that fits your budget. Our first available representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*All our transfers, tours and daily excursions will be provided by a driver with professional knowledge of English. Services in other languages can also be provided upon request and availability.

**In case you would like to visit museums and historical sites, or enjoy greek cuisine, additional fees may be required.

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